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2017-2018 Concert Season

                                    NO (well, a couple) STRINGS ATTACHED!

                         Wind Ensemble Classics and Pops in Stunning Variety

The San Luis Obispo Wind Orchestra and Musical Director Jennifer Martin have prepared a varied season of musical celebration -- from movie themes old and new to a celebration of our British musical heritage, along with some wind ensemble classics.

Look forward to extraordinary musicianship and a variety of engaging and challenging music:

  • “Broadway POPs” – a celebration of Leonard Bernstein's 100th birthday year, along with guest vocalists Paul Osborne and Deanna Delore. A party afterwards: you're invited.
  • “Make a Joyful Noise” – Holiday favorites old and new, and Christopher Woodruff playing Haydn's Trumpet Concerto.
  • “Vive la France” – A potpourri of works by French composers Debussy, Saint-Saens, and Milhaud,  in a joint concert with the Cuesta Wind Ensemble
  • “Americana” – capping the season with great wind music by American composers, with guest artist Rudolf Budginas - followed by a Spring Fling!

It's a varied season of the best wind orchestra music for miles around.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, June 3, 2018 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm